Our Markets

With such a long tenure in the spring business, we have produced countless spring configurations across a diversity of industries. For functions in manure spreaders and space stations to precision measuring devices in alcohol machines or the ring in a co-ax connector for TVs and cable, we’ve seen—and made—them all.

Our spring experts are adept at customizing springs to very intricate specifications. We produced a wire form with 62 different bends in one piece. It was used to hold a small microphone right up against a fireman’s mouth so that he could communicate hands-free with the other fireman. Hardware Products Company is producing a spring for a space fence device that will allow detection of much smaller missiles or debris. It will be used not only by earthly radar systems, but by spacecraft such as the space station to detect debris approaching the space station.

Industries and Applications

Medical Devices

Today’s medical devices are very exact and require ever more demanding springs to ensure that these devices are functional and reliable. Many medical products and equipment require a variety of compression and custom springs, like the spring “locks” on biological hoods that protect a lab or experimental environment by containing particulates within the parameters of the space or room. Everyday hospital supplies might also require a spring device from clipping IV tubes to medical clipboards. We have 37 customers in 15 states.


Hardware Products services thousands of industrial applications for compression, extension, flat, and torsion springs. Manufacturing equipment, plumbing and heating equipment, computers, and other office equipment often require springs. Large industries like plastics, synthetics and endeavors like forging stamping, mineral extraction, foundries, and blast furnaces require springs. We have 351 customers in 46 states.


Military hardware and equipment depend on a wide variety of springs. This includes aircraft parts, search and navigation equipment, as well as ordinance supplies. One of our custom spring applications is for a gyroscope, which allows it to hold the same position regardless of the motion and container around it. Hardware Products can produce custom flat, compression, extension, and torsion springs to meet military specifications. We have 36 customers in 16 states.


From solar panels to electrical distribution and HVAC equipment, or retaining rings for environmental controls, Hardware Products has off-the-shelf springs for many applications or can produce springs to custom specifications. We have 109 customers in 34 states.

Fluid Power

Control of valves and other fluid control devices rely on a variety of spring applications, like the flat clip on a centrifuge device. In fluid power products, material selection is extremely important and Hardware Products manufactures springs in stainless steel and other non-corrosive alloys. We have four customers in four states.

Industrial Controls

Electrical devices and measuring and control devices depend on a variety of springs, including compression, extension, torsion, and flat springs. If you have a needle in a device, a spring controls that. For that spring to function properly, it needs to be precisely calibrated to measure a certain number at an exact pressure—Hardware Products ensures that it does. We have 117 Customers in 33 states.

Machinery equipment and hardware supplies for maintaining industrial equipment require a wide variety of springs, whether off-the-shelf or custom designed. One massive industrial machine can require many perfectly calibrated springs. We have 614 Customers in all 50 states.


Springs are used in motor vehicle—from automobiles to tracker trailers—and railroad equipment and cars, such as the door latches and wire forms for railway cars and doors. Hardware Products produces large, heavy-duty compression springs for some of these transportation applications. We have 37 customers in 18 states.


From household appliances to screen doors, springs are used daily for a wide range of personal and industrial needs. Hardware Products is also sought after for research and development initiatives, so our span is, quite virtually, endless. We have 390 customers in 57 locations, including all U.S. states and locales in Europe and the Canadian provinces.

Whatever market you’re in—we’ve already been there. Our spring specialists will apply their expertise and provide you with the right spring for your application—whether off-the-shelf or custom-designed. Contact us—and talk to a real person who is ready to help you with your next job.