Custom Spring Design

Creating Custom Spring Designs As Varied As Our Customers

For generations, Hardware Products has been meeting the challenges brought to us by truly creative companies. Unique springs for cutting-edge medical instruments, state-of-the- art electronics, space age avionics, motion controls, kitchen appliances, automobiles, toys, rockets  – any place a spring is needed to perform with precision and safety, you’ll find us in action.

Access To Our Creativity Is Simple

One of the attributes that has made Hardware Products a success for nearly 150 years, is our dedication to one-on-one communication with our customers.

The spring specialists at Hardware Products can assist you in the design of all your unique springs. We will focus on your application and enter your parameters into our official Spring Manufacturer’s Institute spring design program. Our precision recommendation will be sent to you for final adjustments and approval.

If you have an idea, or if you have an unusual spring application, just contact us. With years of experience and computer- aided design capabilities, we can get your design perfected and produced in record time. Designs Verified by Spring Mfg. Institute (SMI) Software.

Compression Springs

  • Constant pitch for constant rate
  • Variable pitch for variable rate
  • Cylindrical, conical and barrel-shaped

Extension Springs

  • Initial tension to order
  • Regular machine hooks or loops
  • Crossover hooks or loops

Flat Springs

  • Short order specialists
  • Hand tooling for low cost small runs and Research and Development
  • Many sizes and types of material on hand

Torsion Springs

  • Designs verified by Spring Manufacturing Institute (SMI) software
  • Hand Tooling for low cost Research and Development and small runs
  • CNC Machinery for low cost longer runs

Wire Form

  • Hand tools for low cost Research and Development and small runs
  • CNC Machinery for longer runs
  • Exacting quality standards

Retaining Rings

  • Wound for much lower cost than stamping
  • Short and Long Run capability & Faster turnaround
  • Huge Red Metal and Stainless inventory

Additional Springs

  • Belleville spring washers
  • Constant force and spiral springs
  • Volute springs