Contract Conditions of Sale

General Information for Stock Springs

  • Customer must enter into contract with Hardware Products for one year supply
  • Customer must agree that the minimum amount they must take within the year is one half of the agreed upon quantity
  • Hardware Products will always keep a 60 day supply on hand once the contract is initiated and time for production has elapsed
  • These amounts will be available for shipment the same day as the release if the release comes before noon
  • If the release comes after noon we will still make every effort to get it out the same day
  • We will manufacture a six month supply each time the quantity runs low
  • We will notify you once the quantity is running below and the agreed upon annual amount is up
  • You must then decide what you want to do at that point and become responsible for the quantities agreed upon
  • If abrupt changes occur we will work with you do to everything in our power to put more parts on hand or in any other way adjust for abrupt changes
  • We will send you monthly status reports so that you will always know what is on hand
  • On the one year anniversary we will either enter into a new contract or ship all remaining balances

Hardware Products believes that our springs and spring products are exempt from the OSHA Communications Standard. However, if your specific use will cause some release of the elements contained in our products, we will provide you with the necessary information upon a special request.

Spring tempered steel is designed for high stress applications. However, under certain circumstances, cracking may occur. Caution should be used when working with springs under load, and under no circumstances should springs be used beyond published recommendations.

All springs below .062 inches wire diameter are manufactured from music wire per ASTM-A-228. All .062 inches and above are manufactured from oil tempered MB wire per QQ-W-428. All springs with a wire diameter of .125 inches and below are available in Type 302 stainless steel per ASTM-A-313. WHEN STAINLESS STEEL IS REQUIRED, THE SUFFIX “S” MUST BE ADDED TO THE CATALOG NUMBER. IF THIS IS OMITTED, A CARBON STEEL SPRING WILL BE SUPPLIED. WHEN ORDERING STAINLESS STEEL, THE PUBLISHED RATE SHOULD BE MULTIPLIED BY 85 PERCENT.

All springs are supplied with a plain finish, which includes the coating from the wire as it was originally supplied. All requests for additional finishes or removal of existing finishes are at additional cost.

Direction of Wind
Left hand or right hand at our option.

Compression springs manufactured from .012 inch wire diameter have closed unground ends. All other compression springs are closed and ground to 3 degrees. Extension springs are provided with either fill loops or full hooks, and this must be specified by the customer.

Quality Assurance

Hardware Products considers stock springs to be an integral part of our business. We have taken great care in their initial design. We have automated reordering to insure appropriate inventory levels, and we go to extraordinary lengths to make sure that our stock products conform to their specifications. We subject our stock springs rigorously to the very same stringent requirements that our most demanding customers require of their made-to-order springs. Our Quality Assurance program is in compliance with MIL-I-45208 and our tolerances and workmanship standards are in compliance with MIL-STD-29. We use statistical quality controls including Pre-Control, X-Bar and R-Bar Charts, and Individual Charts as required ensuring that you receive a quality product.



Net 30 days from date of invoice to all customers with approved credit.

Single Shipment
All published prices are for the quantity specified in a single shipment. Multiple shipments are invoiced at the quantity shipped in any single shipment.

Certifications of Conformance
Two copies of certifications of conformance will be supplied if specifically requested before shipment at a minimum charge of $5.00.

Certification of Analysis
Physical and chemical analysis on the wire cannot be supplied for stock springs unless handled as a special order with a higher price.

Certification of Test
Test sheets can be provided upon special request when such request is made prior to shipment and at an additional cost of $15.00.

Cross Index
A special cross-index has been prepared to simplify conversion from our old catalog to our new catalog. Please contact our customer service department if you require this index. Please not that no design changes have occurred in the springs themselves.

All returns must be by prior arrangement and are subject to a 20 percent restocking charge for customer error.


The seller’s products are not guaranteed for any specific length of time, measure of service, fitness for a particular use or merchantability, but are warranted to be free from defects in workmanship and material. All goods shall be subject to seller’s normal manufacturing tolerances and quality control procedures. Only the warranty herein set forth shall be deemed to have been made by the seller, or relied upon by the buyer, and the express warranty herein stated is in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied. All previous communications, whether in the form of engineering recommendations or otherwise, are effective only to the extent expressly repeated herein. Based on our limited knowledge of your product, final design and engineering decisions must be made by you, our customer. Engineering recommendations constitute merely our opinion and best judgement and are not a basis for liability.

We believe our products are exempt from the Hazard Communication standard under the definition given for “Article” in the Final Rule. However, if your use of our product will cause a release of the elements contained herein, we shall provide you with the necessary information upon notification of that fact. The seller’s liability for breach of the above warranty is limited to refunding the purchase price of the merchandise, or, at the seller’s option, to replacement upon its return. Under no circumstances shall the seller be responsible for loss of profit, damage to goodwill or any other type of consequential damage. No claim for any breach of warranty herein shall be valid unless delivered in writing to the seller within thirty (30) days after date of delivery of the first shipment with respect to which claim is made.