The Process of Manufacturing Top Quality Springs

At Hardware Products, our Customer Service personnel go through extensive training to make spring purchasing by discriminating buyers more efficient. Our Stock Spring Catalog is considered to be one of the best engineered in the country. Most of our Stock Springs are on hand for same day shipment. And our Stock Springs are American Made, bringing higher quality and tighter tolerances than imports, without the additional transportation delays and costs.

If you are looking for a cost effective means of controlling your spring requirements, we have developed a JIT Management Program just for you

Since we have been controlling our stock spring line inventory for more than a century – we have become spring inventory control specialists. In our program, your springs become a dynamic part of our stock spring control system for as long as they are under contract.

  • We institute re-order points, EOQ’s, and a true pull system.
  • We notify you when quantities are low.
  • We send you monthly status reports.
  • We now have the experience handling many contracts.
  • Over 250 items
  • Over 200 items
  • Over 100 items
  • Dozens are for only 10-100 items

And of course many one item contracts covering up to 500,000 pieces exist. See terms for contracts on Terms Page