Among the professional certificates held by Hardware Products, our membership in SMI, the Spring Manufacturer’s Institute, has proven to be the most beneficial to our customers. Ted White, President at Hardware Products, is on the Institute’s Board of Directors. It enables us to access the latest advances in our industry, to share innovative thinking with our colleagues, and to maintain our cutting edge in developing springs of the highest quality.

SMI Spring Manufacturers Institute
SMI stands for serving, supporting and educating North American precision spring manufacturers in their pursuit of competitiveness in world markets. As the spring industry continues to mature, it faces challenges from many sources. As each and every spring maker improves, so do the strength and vitality of the industry. Like a chain, an industry is only as strong as its weakest link.

NESMA New England Spring & Metal Stamping Assn.
The New England Spring and Metal Stamping Association is a trade organization representing spring manufacturers and technical members primarily within the State of Connecticut with membership now that has extended throughout the United States.

AIM Associated Industries of Massachusetts
Established in 1915, Associated Industries of Massachusetts is the largest nonprofit, nonpartisan association of Massachusetts employers.  AIM’s mission is to promote the well-being of its members and their employees and the prosperity of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

SBANE Small Business Association of New England
The Smaller Business Association of New England, Inc. (SBANE), founded in 1938, is a private not-for-profit association of approximately 700 member companies located throughout the six-state region. SBANE was established to provide a legislative voice for small business at the state and federal levels and to make practical information available to help business owners grow their companies.

Chelsea Chamber of Commerce

Better Business Bureau